Littering Fixed Penalty Notices

Our Community and Civil Enforcement team have the authority to issue on the spot £75 Fixed Penalty Notices to anyone seen dropping litter.

We operate a zero tolerance approach to offenders, in our drive to improve our Borough.

You can pay your fixed penalty notice online

Court action as a result of littering

Littering is a criminal offence and you can be taken to Court. If found guilty you can face a fine of up to a maximum of £2,500 and a criminal conviction.

Our Community and Civil Enforcement Team can issue a Fixed Penalty Notice instead of taking you to Court.

Non payment of a Fixed Penalty Notice

If a person fails to pay a Fixed Penalty Notice, the Council will consider taking you to court for the offence of littering.

Our aim

We want residents and businesses owners to be proud of the area in which they live and work. We ask that litter should be disposed of correctly, using the litter bins correctly provided across the Borough for the benefit of all.