What are Fixed Penalty Notices

Fixed Penalty Notices (FPN) generally deal with offences such as littering, failing to remove dog mess, failure to keep dogs on leads, failure to keep a dog out of an exclusion area and failure to put and keep a dog on a lead when instructed.

Fixed penalty charges start at £75 which must be paid within 14 days, or a prosecution, for which the maximum penalty is a £1000 fine.

  • FPNs are issued as an alternative to a prosecution in court.
  • FPNs can be issued to anyone over 10 years old.

When might an FPN be issued?

Examples of offences where a Fixed Penalty Notice may be issued include:

  • dropping litter
  • not clearing up dog fouling or controlling a dog
  • not carrying a dog waste bag

Receiving a penalty notice does not mean that you have received a criminal conviction. The FPN is given instead of a prosecution in court.

Pay your Fixed Penalty Notice

You can pay a Fixed Penalty Notice online

Failure to pay a penalty may result in a higher fine imposed by the court or imprisonment.