This project looks at making improvements to the Washlands in order to create a more aesthetically appealing, safe and interesting attraction for residents and tourists. To achieve this outcome, the following is currently being considered:

  • Improvements to the play area adjacent to the Library;
  • The feasibility of creating a ‘wetland’ style attraction.

Play Area

In order to enhance the offer of the play area on the Washlands, this project is evaluating options for introducing a new, significant piece of play equipment. Options currently being considered include a bespoke structure based on a ship theme in recognition of the play area’s riverside location. Other options are being explored, such as a more innovative solution, however the flood risk of the area is a factor. Examples include:


This project is being taken forward collaboratively and has had links in with the Environment Agency and their forthcoming flood defence improvement works. As a part of this, partners are being involved to explore the potential of creating a wetland on the Washlands, which could include boardwalks, lighting, reeds and artwork. This is in order to create a natural looking habitat area which could become a greater attraction. Examples of other wetlands and potential artwork can be seen below.

Story Board

The Story Map below will guide you through the Washlands Landscape Vision