A Personal Search is a search of the Local Land Charges Register (LLC) in accordance with the LLC Act 1975 and the LLC Rules 1977 (as amended).

Since the 18th August 2010 you have been able to inspect the LLC Register free of charge due to the statutory fee of £22.00 being revoked under Statutory Instrument 1812/2010. This was a temporary measure implemented to improve the speed with which legislation was being approved. Apart from the absence of a fee and some minor changes to the procedures for making a personal search everything else remains unchanged, at the present time.

Following Government's recommendations to improve the search process, you can now order specific Con29 questions through the 'Search Request Document'.

Personal Search Procedure

Please Note:

  • A personal search only covers access to the LLC Register and not any other Statutory Register
  • Under rule 7 of the LLC Rules 1977, conditional planning permission can be obtained from the Planning Public Register