How is your information used?

We collect information to assess your suitability and fitness to be issued with a hackney carriage licence and to assist us in managing your licence. We may also use your contact details in the event that we need to contact you in relation to your licence(s).

Who has access to your information?

Information is shared with other regulatory and enforcement authorities including, but not limited to, other Council services; Councillors; the Police; HM Revenues and Custom; Home Office Immigration; Cabinet Office; National Anti-Fraud Network; NHS services, and other local authorities when allowed to by law for the purposes of the administration and enforcement of authorisations, and for the purposes of the prevention and detection of crime, public safety, public health, protection of the environment and prevention of fraud.

Certain information about licences (including in particular your name and the address of any premises to which a licence applies) may be published on a public register on our website when we are required to by law. Licences that have to be determined by our Councillors will be published in exempt minutes on our website.

For further information about how your personal information will be used, please see a full copy of our privacy notice. Alternatively you can request a hard copy from