Renting in East Staffordshire

The information on this page may be of interest to both landlords and tenants

Landlord Support Package - August 2018

New from August 2018 is the Landlord Support Package.  It has been set up to help landlords who are willing to accept particular tenants referred by the Housing Options Team.  It is a special package in addition to what the Council has already been doing to engage landlords, eg organising the Landlords Forum

Landlord Responsibilities

Being a landlord brings significant responsibilities.  The onus is on the landlord to research these responsibilities and to fulfil them.  Some examples of the kind of issues landlords often face are given below.  This list is not exhaustive and if necessary landlords should seek independent legal advice.   

  1. How to Rent is a booklet that landlords are required to give their tenants.  If landlords don't give it out, there can be frustrating delays during repossession proceedings later on.
  2. The Right to Rent rules not being followed mean that any landlord could be at risk of prosecution for not checking that their tenants have the right to rent accommodation
  3. Data Protection Law imposes duties on landlords to protect tenants' data and to inform them about the data the landlord hold
  4. Deposits protection within 30 days of receipt is a legal requirement.  An unprotected deposit creates the potential for money penalties against landlords and delays to repossession proceedings.
  5. Responsibilities of Landlords are described in more detail by the Government on their web site

Examples of other information that could help landlords

  • Lawful repossession means landlords must keep to a precise legal procedure when repossessing any property
  • The Model Agreement is an example tenancy agreement available on the Government website for landlords who wish to use it
  • How to Let is a Government booklet intended to help Landlords.  It is not compulsory to have it, but the advice it contains could be useful.
  • The Council's website has other pieces of information that can help landlords better understand the issues to do with letting

Finally, please feel free to come to the Landlords Forum.  This can also be a valuable source of background knowledge for all landlords. 


Finding a home to rent can be a challenge.  The following examples of issues that tenants might find useful.

  1. How to find somewhere to live in East Staffordshire
  2. How to apply to become a tenant of a housing association in East Staffordshire
  3. Private Tenants information about renting and rent levels
  4. The Rights and Responsibilities of all tenants are set out on the Government's website
  5. Homelessness, Harassment and Illegal Eviction are unpleasant experiences when they happen so it is useful to understand the revelant rules.

Finally the following booklets might be of further use to tenants:-

  • How to Rent is a booklet that landlords should give to tenants at the start of a tenancy.  If the tenant hasn't received it then it might prevent the landlord from commencing certain repossession actions until the booklet is issued.
  • How to Rent a Safe Home explains basic health and safety information 

If you need further advice about housing, please contact the Housing Options Team on 01283 508120.

If you would like to talk over any aspect of this page, please contact Landlord Relations on 01283 508149.