Equality data

East Staffordshire Borough Council is required to publish information to demonstrate how we comply with the Equality Act 2010’s general equality duty. This includes information relating to people who share relevant protected characteristics that are:

  • Affected by our policies and practices, and
  • Information related to our employees

Data from services

Information from complaints is collected and analysed but the information is not appropriate for publication due to the small numbers involved.

Information on the population of the borough and wards can be found on our statistics page.

Data on our workforce

This workforce profile 2022 contains information on the workforce, success rates of job applicants, staff leavers and return to work rates following maternity leave, broken down by protected characteristic.

Equality impact assessments linked to employment can be found on the Impact Assessment pages.

This data is also available on the open data pages of this website.

If you would like this information in an alternative format please contact linda.mcdonald@eaststaffsbc.gov.uk