Odour complaints predominately relate to either agricultural activities or industrial processes. In both instances a one off is unlikely to amount to a nuisance.

Odour from domestic premises

Odour from domestic premises cannot be investigated under Statutory Nuisance legislation (however, if odour is an underlying problem due to animals kept in such a way etc then this can be looked at by the Pollution Team). 

Download the Odour leaflet for details of our complaint procedure.

Fumes and gas complaints

Fumes and gases complaints (for domestic premises only – for businesses etc specific legislation exists) can be dealt with under the Statutory Nuisance provisions. 

Dust complaints

Dust complaints (business/commercial premises only, this includes contractors working on domestic property) can be dealt with under the Statutory Nuisance provisions. 

Download the Dust factsheet for details on our complaints procedure.

Submit a complaint

Having read the complaint leaflet above, if you feel the problem has the potential to cause a Statutory Nuisance, please complete the complaint form or contact the Pollution Team.

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