Communities affected by flooding

Property Resilience Grant

Property owners affected by flooding may be eligible for a Property Resilience Grant of up to £5000 to help properties become more resilient to future flooding, being administered by Staffordshire County Council. Further information will be provided by Staffordshire County Council when their scheme is launched.

Mental health support

Having to deal with the threat of flooding can take its toll on your mental health. While it may take time for life to return to normal, there are a number of resources available to support you throughout this difficult time.

Clearing up after flooding

Support is also available for anyone whose home has been affected by flooding from:

Home insurance and flood cover

If your home is more likely to flood, then insurers may need to charge higher insurance premiums.

Flood Re is a joint initiative between the government and insurers. It aims to make the flood cover part of insurance policies more affordable. Flood Re is not available for businesses or homes built after 2008.

Specialist insurance providers such as Flood Assist insurance services may also be able to help you.

Support for people experiencing homelessness

Support is available for anyone who is experiencing homelessness in East Staffordshire.

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Staying safe around water

Please take care when you're out and about. While flood water is receding in places, many rivers and streams will remain very full and fast-flowing for several days.

Keep away from riverbanks and paths close to rivers - the paths may have become unstable and slippery.

Never enter the water to rescue anyone, or an animal in difficulty in the water. Telephone 999 immediately and tell them to float on their back.

Dog-walkers are advised to keep their furry friends on leads close to water to help keep them safe. Dogs running free risk struggling to slow themselves on slippery banks and paths and end up in deep or fast-flowing water.

Read water safety advice from Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service.

Sign up for flood alerts

Sign up to the government's free flood warning service. You'll need to provide the address you want flood warnings for, an email address, and the best way to contact you with a warning (email, call or text).

You can also find out how best to prepare for any future flooding.

Flood Recovery Contact Information

Flood Recovery Team contact information