The Council may, under the provisions of Section 249 of the Local Government Act 1972, confer the title of Honorary Alderman on Councillors who have, in the opinion of the Council, rendered eminent service to it as past Members. 

A meeting of the Honorary Alderman Panel (consisting of Members appointed by Full Council at it’s Annual meeting) will decide on those candidates who should be considered to bestow the honour of Honorary Alderman.

The following have been appointed by the Council as Honorary Aldermen:

  • Alderman Roger Mountney Gregory - 27th July 1988
  • Alderman Mrs Joyce Barton - 1st July 1991
  • Alderman Frederick Arthur Smith - 1st July 1991
  • Alderman Dr Ruth Eveline Watts PhD MA DipEd - 1st July 1991
  • Alderman Mrs Patricia Phyllis Hill - 10th July 1995
  • Alderman C B Cornell - 27th Sept 1999
  • Alderman Mrs P A Knight - 27th Sept 1999
  • Alderman R J L Watts - 27th Sept 1999
  • Alderman P R Davies - 13th Feb 2004
  • Alderman F P Edginton -13th Feb 2004
  • Alderman Mrs J M Taylor - 13th Feb 2004
  • Alderman P Haynes - 29th Oct 2007
  • Alderman Ms A White - 29th Oct 2007
  • Alderman A C W Wimbush - 29th Oct 2007
  • Alderman P E B Atkins - 5th Sept 2011
  • Alderman T G Hathaway - 5th Sept 2011
  • Alderman C F Insley - 5th Sept 2011
  • Alderman Mrs S J Gent - 5th Sept 2011
  • Alderman Mrs E J Staples - 7th Dec 2015
  • Alderman Mr M Carruthers - 20th June 2016
  • Alderman Mr M J Bowering - 13th January 2020
  • Alderman Mr R J Clarke - 13th January 2020
  • Alderman Mr J H Mott - 13th January 2020
  • Alderman Mr M J Rodgers - 13th January 2020

The rights and privileges granted to an Honorary Alderman are as follows:

  • To enjoy the courtesy title ‘Alderman’ and to be so addressed;
  • To receive a badge of office and an illuminated address;
  • To wear the badge on civic occasions;
  • To have their names entered on the Honorary Alderman Roll;
  • To have their names entered on a board containing the names of Honorary Aldermen of the Borough to be placed in the corridor near the Council Chamber;
  • On request to receive a copy of the Council agenda together with such papers as are supplied to Members of the Council for that meeting;
  • To have a seat at Council Meetings in a block reserved for the use of Honorary Aldermen;
  • To have the use, in common with other members of the council, of the Members’ Room at the Town Hall;
  • To be invited to those civic functions to which all Members of the Council are invited;
  • To receive a copy of the Year Book and Diary issued by the Council;
  • In common with other past and present Members, to have the flag flown at half-mast above the Town Hal l from the date of death to the date of interment;
  • To be accorded the same rights of a Civic Funeral as would apply in the case of a serving Member of the Council;
  • To enjoy such other privileges as the Council may confer upon them from time to time.