CCE Frequently Asked Questions

Can Community and Civil Enforcement Officers ask to see my dog bags?

In short, yes. CCE Officers are authorised under a borough wide Public Space Protection Order to ask to see any dog walkers receptacle. A suitable receptacle is defined as any poop-scoop bag or the equivalent capable of holding faeces for disposal in a litter bin. If you are unable to produce a suitable receptacle when requested by a Community and Civil Enforcement Officer, or similarly choose not to, you will be subject to a Fixed Penalty Notice. If left unpaid this will be escalated to the Magistrates Court.

What legislation applies?

Under Section 68 of the Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014, East Staffordshire Borough Council has implemented a borough wide Public Space Protection Order. As a person who is in charge of a dog, this requires you to carry a suitable receptacle for picking up dog faeces.

Why are cat or horse owners not fined?

Whilst all animal produce waste can carry bacteria it is dog waste that presents the biggest potential threat as dog faeces can carry eggs from parasites that cause Toxocariasis, which can cause blindness in some cases.

So why dogs?

Dog owners are liable as all dogs should be walked by an owner and monitored during the walk. Dogs are also walked in very common human activity areas such as parks. Cats tend to be litter trained and will less likely foul in common human activity areas and will bury it when they do foul.

Where am I supposed to put my old sofa/fridge/freezer?

When you need to dispose of any old items or addition waste that won’t fit into your household bin, there are a few options the Council provide such as local recycling and waste centres. The Council also offers a Bulky Waste Collection and will collect up to 3 items for £32.67 (conditions apply). 

Why can’t I just leave it outside for the “bin men” to take?

Leaving your items outside does not guarantee they will be taken as not all items can or will be taken by our Waste Management Team. Leaving your items on the street, whether outside your home or away, is “fly tipping” and is a criminal offence under Section 33 Environmental Protection Act 1990 and carries a Fixed Penalty Notice of up to £1000 or unlimited fines if taken through court prosecution.

Why can’t I let the “Scrap Man” take it?

“Scrap Men” are not always valid Waste Carriers and do not always possess valid licenses. This means they may not carry, process or dispose of items correctly within the law and this can lead to items being fly tipped, which in turn will lead to yourself being fined under Section 34 Environmental Protection Act 1990 for duty of care which carries a Fixed Penalty Notice of up to £600 or unlimited fine if taken through court prosecution.

My car is old/damaged beyond repair and I can’t/don’t want to sell it, what do I do with it?

If your vehicle is no longer useable for any number of reasons, it is your responsibility to dispose of it. This can be done at any authorised auto waste recycling businesses across the UK.

Whilst the Council does not provide a service for this or have an approved contractor for such, we suggest a quick search on the internet for your local business, search for auto breaker or car recycling. These businesses usually offer a “scrap value” for any vehicles they process. (it is a criminal offence to abandon a vehicle on any land in “open air” in the UK).