Building control is a non-profit consultancy service which provides function to builders, architects and owners of building works for cost recovery level fees. Some of the services it provides are as follows:

  • Pre-application advice
  • Access auditing and training
  • Demolition inspections
  • Dangerous structures
  • Land drainage
  • Fire engineering advice
  • Street naming and numbering
  • General technical guidance

It provides these services and more for both internal and external clients in order to ensure that all building works comply with the Building Regulations. Building control also works in consultation with partner organisations and services such as the council’s own planning section.

The process of checking for compliance with the Building Regulations generally operates in two stages, referred to as the Full Plans application. The first stage (known as the plan stage) involves the applicant submitting detailed plans for approval. These plans are very carefully checked by a Building Control Officer to ensure that all necessary information is shown and that it complies fully with the Building Regulations. Wherever possible, applicants are given the opportunity to make amendments (if required) before being given an approval, conditional approval or rejection.

The second stage (inspection stage) starts when work commences on site after which a series of site visits are made to check that the work proceeds in accordance with the plan, and hence complies with the regulations.

For more simple works, an alternative, called the Building Notice application, is also available together with more specialised application types to meet specific needs.

Building Control Contact

Building Control contact information

  • 01283 508609 or 01283 508723

Building Control
East Staffordshire Borough Council
P.O. Box 8045
Burton upon Trent
DE14 9JG
United Kingdom