The Planning Portal website offers interactive visual guides which outline common household projects, it does this for a semi-detached house and a terrace house.

Guide To Extending Your Home – A homeowners guide to expanding your living space with great advice on how to maximised your living space, and even add significant value to your property.

The Green Home Guide - Your guide on how to achieve a more sustainable construction when making alterations to your property. Not only aimed at providing greener options, this also provides great advice on matters such cutting fuel bills and improving indoor air quality in the construction and design process.

Hertfordshire Gold Guide 2023 - A handy guide to help understand the specification of insulation materials required in domestic extensions to comply with Part L of the Building Regulations Approved Documents.

Interactive house - Explore an interactive semi-detached house for guidance on many common householder projects, including home microgeneration, in England.

Interactive terrace - Explore our interactive terrace for guidance relating to flats, shops and basements as well as many common householder projects, in England.

Other guides for common household projects include:

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