The Partner Authority Scheme is a method of submitting all your Building Regulation applications nationwide through one Local Authority.

The scheme formally partners companies or agents (the Partner Company) with a Local Authority Building Control department (the Partner Authority) for the plans approval stage of the building project.

The site inspections are carried out by the Building Control service of the Local Authority where the work is being carried out (the Inspecting Authority).

Companies who submit schemes nationwide only need to deal with one Local Authority as far as the plan checking process is concerned, the Partner Authority will be familiar with their schemes and the personnel involved, so making the process as smooth and swift as possible.

The advantages are the same for local agents who submit applications to several neighbouring authorities.

As far as the site inspections are concerned, the applicant benefits from the wealth of local knowledge held by the Inspecting Authority.

Partnerships are normally formed with people who are based within the relevant Local Authority area, however it is possible for Local Authorities to form partnerships outside of their areas.

For further information contact Building Consultancy or use the link to the Local Authority Building Control website.