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East Staffordshire Borough Council have operated a closed circuit television system since 1995, and there are 52 cameras in both Burton upon Trent and Uttoxeter linked into this system.

Our mission statement is "to promote public confidence by developing a safe and secure environment for the benefit of those employed, visiting or using the facilities of the area covered by East Staffordshire Borough Council's CCTV system". This council is committed to the recommendations contained in the Information Commissioner's CCTV code of practice.

The objectives of the CCTV system are:

  • reduce fear of crime
  • deter and prevent crime
  • assist in maintenance of public order and reduce offences involving vandalism and nuisance
  • provide assistance with issues relating to public safety and health
  • provide assistance to the public in emergency situations

You can download our Control Centre Code of Practice for CCTV Scheme (BS 7958 BS 7858).

Our CCTV operators are security screened to the British Standard 7858, trained to the standards required in the Private Security Industry Act 2001 and licensed by the Security Industry Authority for Public Space Surveillance Systems.

The operators in the control suite work closely with Staffordshire Police and Burton Town Centre Management, and have radio links with the retail radio and pub watch schemes. The CCTV system is independently evaluated annually to ensure that it continues to be a useful tool in tackling crime and disorder.

Individuals may request information concerning themselves held on record in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. This is referred to as a 'subject access request' an application form needs to be completed and identification provided. Both the procedure and application forms can be found here.

If you wish to know more about the use of CCTV on private land or in the public domain, you can access the Information Commissioner's Office website ico.gov.uk which gives guidance on the use of CCTV and the law.

This service is managed by Margaret Woolley and she can be contacted on (01283) 508479 or by email at margaret.woolley@eaststaffsbc.gov.uk .