Why do I need a Premises Licence

If you run premises that are used to supply alcohol, you must have a premises licence.

A premises licence is also required if you provide hot food and drinks between 11pm and 5am, and if you provide the following forms of regulated entertainment, either for profit or for charity:

  • theatrical performance
  • film exhibition
  • indoor sporting event
  • boxing or wrestling (indoor or outdoor)
  • live music
  • recorded music
  • dance
  • provision of facilities for making music
  • provision of dancing facilities

A Premises Licence permits licensable activities to take place on or from a defined area, a building, part of building, a vessel, vehicle or temporary structure. A premises licence can be made by an individual, several individuals, a company or organisation, or other prescribed persons such as individuals acting as representatives for a company or individual.

The application for a premises licence is normally the responsibility for the owner of the business or the committee responsible for the building. If the premises are leased, the freeholder has a right to inform East Staffordshire Borough Council that they own, part own, or occupy the premises they have a right to know of any applications, notices and request other information.

You may not apply for a premises licence or a club premises certificate if you or any of your committee members are under 18 years of age. The applicant for a premises licence or club premises certificate does not need to be a personal licence holder.

Can I view a public register on line?

No. The register is available for inspection in person, by appointment only, at the Licensing Office in Millers Lane, Derby Street, Burton upon Trent. Alternatively, requests can be made for extracts of the register to be sent via post or e-mail. However a charge may be made for this service.

Should you experience any difficulty in applying online, please contact us.


Download the Licensing Act 2003 - Statement of Licensing Policy