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Housing associations

Housing Associations provide low cost "social housing" to rent for people in need of a home. 

In East Staffordshire, you can apply to be added to the East Staffordshire Housing Register, which will give you access to rented homes provided by all of the following Housing Associations:

  • Trent & Dove Housing - All types of housing throughout the Borough
  • Orbit Heart of England - Accommodation for families, couples, singles and people over retirement age
  • Sanctuary - Flats, houses, bungalows, and sheltered flats for people over retirement age
  • Midland Heart - Houses, flats, and bungalows in Rocester
  • Waterloo Housing Association - Houses and flats
  • Metropolitan - Houses and bungalows
  • Derwent Living - Flats for older people in Burton

They may also provide housing for shared ownership, discounted sale or First Homes but these are generally allocated as a result of people contacting them directly, not through the Housing Register.  

Other housing associations

The following Housing Associations also have homes in East Staffordshire. Allocation arrangements may vary - a percentage of their available properties may available via The East Staffordshire Housing Register but you can apply directly to them for the others

Anchor Trust

Housing 21

Tuntum Housing Association

Sage Housing