Noise in the street

For the purpose of advertising trade, business or entertainment it is an offence for any person to operate or permit the operation of a loudspeaker in the street.

There are exclusions to this rule such as the emergency services, also loudspeakers fixed to vehicles selling perishable goods i.e., ice cream vans etc may use loudspeakers but only between 12 noon and 7:00pm and they may not cause unreasonable annoyance to persons in the vicinity.

Should officers from this department witness an offence, the person(s) responsible will be liable for prosecution.

The Council does not have a 24 hour call out service for responding to Statutory Nuisance complaints.  Should you be affected by nuisance noise outside of office hours this should be reported to Environmental Health the next working day, please note the Councils emergency phone line is not to be used in these cases.  Breach of the peace, violence/fights and/or Anti Social Behaviour should be reported to the Police.

What is our noise complaint procedure?

Download the Noise in the Street factsheet to find out our complaint procedure.

Submit a complaint

Having read the complaint leaflet above, if you feel the problem has the potential to cause a Statutory Nuisance, please complete the complaint form or contact the Pollution Team.

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