The Problem

We understand that most dog walkers within the borough act responsibly and clean up after their dog. There are still a minority of people failing to do so and this causes problems for others.

Dog fouling is widely considered to be the most offensive type of litter on our streets and green spaces. It looks and smells unpleasant and there is a real chance of catching infections which is a real risk to the public, particularly the young.

Report Dog Fouling

You can report dog fouling by calling 01283 508000 or online.

Help us to keep your area clean and free of dog foul. You can report offenders or hotspot areas by contacting the Community and Civil Enforcement team on our telephone number 01283 508036 or alternatively by e-mail on

Dog fouling FAQs

What the Community and Civil Enforcement Team do

Allowing a dog to foul and not picking up the mess is an offence for which we operate a zero tolerance approach.

The Community and Civil Enforcement team are authorised to issue 'on the spot' £75 Fixed Penalty Notices to anyone caught failing to pick up their dog's mess. This may also lead to prosecution if the case goes to court.

Whose responsibility?

It is the responsibility of the person who is in charge of the dog at the time the fouling occurs to pick up the mess. This is not always the dog's owner.

Being unaware that the dog has fouled or not having a suitable means of removal is not acceptable.

You must make sure that you always carry a bag to keep the dog foul in, you can use nappy bags/carrier bags etc. or alternatively train your dog to foul at home in the garden. Dispose of the bag in an appropriate bin.

Dog fouling/smell in private gardens

These types of odours can be a source of irritation for neighbours as the smell from a build-up of faeces can interfere with the use of an individual’s property.

What can you do?

Problems with dog mess and smell can sometimes be fixed by politely explaining the problem to the dog owner.  However, this may not always work and some people may not want to speak directly to the persons responsible.

You can also report dog fouling and odour (in private gardens) to Environmental Health at