Councillor Community Fund

In 2022-23 the Councillor Community Fund (CCF) will continue to operate as an open-bidding fund to support small community activities and projects in East Staffordshire. From June 2022 there will be two levels of grant support available through CCF:

  • Grants up to a maximum of £2,000.00 for all applications
  • Grants up to a maximum of £6,000.00 if supported by up to three Councillors. Applications for this level of grant funidng will need to demonstrate how the project benefits the entire Ward area(s) of the Councillors named on the application form.

Please read the guidance notes for the 2022-23 CCF scheme. If you have a project for which you need some funding then contact your local councillor and if it is suitable they will be able to submit an application on your behalf. The application will be considered at one of our regular panel meetings and your councillor will inform you if you have been successful.

Who is my local councillor?

Details of the projects that have received funding through the Councillor Community Fund in 2022-23 can be seen below.