Brochure Sponsorship

Each year East Staffordshire Borough Council hosts a number of activities and events that are promoted using specific brochures. These include the cultural services schools holiday activities and the Brewhouse events brochures.

On average 30,000 brochures are produced per year and left on display in each of the Council's cultural services facilities and the Customer Service Centre.

Electronic versions of the brochures are created and emailed to approx. 10,000 individual email addresses and 2,500 school pupils. Brochures are also available to download from all of our cultural services webpages.

This sponsoring opportunity will result in your logo being displayed on the front cover of all of the brochures produced, displayed online and emailed out to facility databases.

Locations: Cultural Services Holiday Activities, Leisure Centres Information Brochures, Brewhouse Arts Centre Programme


Brochure No of Brochures Location Price + VAT
February DASH Holiday Brochures 4,000 All venues £350.00
Easter DASH Holiday Brochures 4,000 All venues £350.00
May DASH Holiday Brochures 4,000 All venues £350.00
Summer DASH Holiday Brochures 6,000 All venues £600.00
October DASH Holiday Brochures 4,000 All venues £350.00

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