Where can I find information about work being tendered by the Council?

The Council uses Delta eSourcing to manage its procurement processes. This is a web-based service that provides suppliers the chance to respond to opportunities that arise with the Council as well as over 525 other public sector bodies, representing thousands of individual buyers. To find out more about how you can use this solution please visit Delta.

Tenders above the Find a Tender Service (FTS) threshold will be advertised on the FTS website

Tender opportunities will also be advertised using external websites such as:

At what point are tenders required?

For contracts with a value up to and including £3,000, one oral quotation will suffice. For contracts in excess of £3,001 a minimum of three written quotations are required. Contracts in excess of £50,000 require a full tender process. However as an alternative to tendering, where appropriate, the Council may opt to use Framework Agreements to award contracts. This could be through a direct call-off or through further competition with the suppliers on the framework as appropriate.

How do I assess the value of the procurement?

The value is based on the estimated sum payable to the provider over the term of the contract. For example, if the estimated value is £50,000 per annum over a two year contract, then the value of the contract is estimated at £100,000.

Further information on determining thresholds can be found on the Doing Business with Council page

Does the Council have an approved suppliers list and can I join it?

The Council does not have an approved supplier list. You can register your business with Delta e-sourcing to access potential opportunities for working with the Council. 

How does the Council evaluate tenders?

Compliant tenders will be evaluated using a pre-specified scoring mechanism and in accordance with the weighting detailed in the tender documents. Tendering companies may also be invited to attend an interview to conduct a presentation to representatives of the Council’s procurement team to clarify their tender submission.

Once all tenders have been evaluated, the successful candidate will be notified. The other candidates will also be informed that they have not been successful and who the contract is being awarded to. The unsuccessful candidates will then be given the opportunity to request feedback from the Council as to why their bid was not successful and what points were lacking. This encourages companies to improve and increase their chances for success in the future.

When might I need to complete a Selection Questionnaire / Pre-Qualification Questionnaire?

Selection Questionnaires (SQs), formerly referred to as Pre-qualification Questionnaires, will not normally be used in contracts below the Find a Tender (FTS) threshold, but the Council may ask proportionate suitability assessment questions within the tender documents which are relevant to the subject matter of the contract. SQs are used as a means to create a shortlist of potential providers. Returned SQs will be evaluated and a shortlist drawn up. In addition to a completed SQ, supporting documentation will be requested to enable us to evaluate the suitability of potential suppliers.