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Cannock Chase Special Area of Conservation

Important Information

The pre-application and enquiry service has been TEMPORARILY SUSPENDED due to the high volume of applications we are receiving.

Pre-applications for major and strategic developments will continue to be accepted.

If you are seeking advice on whether planning permission would be required, please visit the planning guides and case studies page.

Alternatively you can submit a certificate of lawfulness application.

When is it required?

For all proposals within 8km of the Cannock Chase SAC which involve the creation of a dwelling. This includes new build dwellings, conversion of buildings into dwellings, prior approval applications for the creation of dwellings and agricultural workers dwellings. 

What is this?

A statement of willingness committing the applicant to pay a financial contribution towards mitigation for the Cannock Chase Special Area of Conservation confirming that the Cannock Chase SAC will not be affected by the proposed development. The applicant will need to sign a unilateral undertaking and pay the LPAs costs in signing the document prior to the decision notice being issued.

Why is this required?

The Council has sufficient evidence to demonstrate that an increase in 1 net dwelling or more within the 8km zone  of the Cannock Chase SAC will have an adverse, in combination effect on the integrity of the Cannock Chase SAC in the absence of mitigation. 

Where developments will result in a net increase of residential dwellings within the 8km zone of influence mitigation in the form of a financial contribution is required. The Cannock Chase SAC Partnership has agreed a series of mitigation and avoidance measures with Natural England. These are referred to as Strategic Access Management and Monitoring Measures (SAMMM).   

Further Guidance

Link to the a map showing the 8km zone.

Further guidance

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