Block / Site Plan

Types of application and criteria

All applications.


a. Applications to vary or delete planning conditions.

What is a site / block plan?

This is a plan that shows the existing and proposed layout of the application site including any buildings or proposed structures.

  1. Draw to an appropriate metric scale for example, 1:100,1:200 or 1:500;
  2. Show the direction of North;
  3. Must show clearly the proposed works in relation to what is already there (where relevant). Preferably by the use of colour or cross hatching, differentiating them from the existing building(s);
  4. Show all public rights of way crossing the site or adjoining the site;
  5. Show all buildings, roads and footpaths (including bridleways and restricted byways) on land adjoining the site including access arrangements (unless these would not be affected by the proposed development);
  6. Show the site boundaries, type and height of boundary treatment (for example, walls, fences hedges);
  7. Show existing and proposed buildings and trees, which are to be retained or removed. Show the position of any immediately adjacent buildings/ structures or trees outside the site;
  8. Show access roads, turning areas and proposed commercial and/or residential vehicular parking spaces, visibility splays and cycle storage areas in new developments. All relevant dimensions must be shown/labelled.  Information should also be provided, where possible, of electric vehicle charging points;
  9. Show drainage runs, if a new dwelling or commercial building and any proposed septic tank / package treatment plant.