Block / Site Plan

Block / Site Plan

Types of application and criteria

All applications


  1. Applications to vary or delete planning conditions.

What is a site / block plan?

This is a plan that shows the existing and proposed layout of the application site including any buildings or proposed structures.

  1. Draw to an appropriate metric scale for example, 1:100,1:200 or 1:500.
  2. Show the direction of North.
  3. Must show clearly the proposed works in relation to what is already there (where relevant). Preferably by the use of colour or cross hatching, differentiating from the existing building (s).
  4. Show all public rights of way crossing the site or adjoining the site.
  5. Show all buildings, roads and footpaths (including bridleways and restricted bridleways) on land adjoining the site including access arrangements (unless these would not be affected by the proposed development.
  6. Show the site boundaries, type and height of boundary treatment (for example, walls, fences hedges).
  7. Show existing and proposed buildings and trees, which are to be retained or removed. Show the position of any immediately adjacent buildings/ structures or trees outside the site.
  8. Show access roads, turning areas and car parking bays where relevant giving dimensions.
  9. Show drainage runs.