To use council land for events, activities or fundraising you will need to send a letter or email to the address at the bottom with the reference ‘Temporary Use of Land’ outlining what you are proposing to do, when and where you are proposing to do it, your organisations name and what you hope to achieve with the event, if fundraising is to take place please specify the cause you are raising money for and if you have one your registered charity number.

Once we have received the letter/email we will then look over the suitability of your proposed event/activity and the site you wish to use.

  • If we think it is ok to proceed we will send you a form that we require to be completed and returned, you will also need to include some more information please see below.
  • If we feel the event/activity is not suitable either in principle or for the proposed site we will let you know as soon as possible.

You need to include as much information as possible with the temporary use of land form including event plans, risk assessments, method statements, event layout and a copy of your valid public liability insurance for a minimum of £5,000,000.

Dependant on the size of the event you may be required to give proof of £5,000.00 bond to pay for any damages that occur to the site while the event takes place.

E.g. Litter pick, fun run (no bond) - Fun fair, circus (bond required).

Metal detecting is not permitted on council land and any requests to undertake this activity will be declined. Anyone metal detecting on council land will be asked to stop and maybe asked to leave the site.

Send a letter or email to

Ref - Temporary use of Land

Open Spaces Team
Stapenhill Cemetery
Stapenhill Road
Burton upon Trent
DE15 9AE