The In Bloom federation of East Staffordshire is a collective group whose members comprise of technical officers from East Staffordshire Borough Council’s Horticultural and Grounds maintenance departments as well as members of local community groups and parish councils.

The aim of the group is to develop strategies and support entries into the regional Heart of England in bloom campaign from across the Borough. 

In Bloom 2023

East Staffordshire entries have once again triumphed in the annual Heart of England In Bloom Awards, with a haul of medals being won in all categories. The main In Bloom entries: Burton upon Trent, Uttoxeter and Winshill all received Gold awards, with Uttoxeter also winning the accolade of category winners, making them the best floral entry for a small town in the West Midlands.

The success follows on from over a decade of continuous gold entries for Burton upon Trent, Uttoxeter and Winshill, with and all three entries having enjoyed national success in recent years.

In 2023 Burton upon Trent was awarded recognition for innovative and creative floral designs, which incorporate traditional annual bedding schemes combined with perennial planting and insect friendly wildflowers. Judges stated that Burton upon Trent, is one of the most innovative and creative towns in the Midlands with its approach to floral work and is leading the way in sustainable horticulture. This further underlines the Council’s commitment to climate change and nature recovery.

Two of Winshill’s leading community volunteers also won awards for their outstanding individual achievements.

In the parks category East Staffordshire Borough Council entered 13 sites and received 6 Gold medals, including Stapenhill Gardens, Stapenhill Cemetery and Bramshall Road Park. Four Silver Gilt medals and three Silver, rounded out the success.

East Staffordshire Borough Council also supported and helped to resource 22 “It’s Your Neighbourhood” entries. These are organised and managed by community volunteers who all aspire to improve their local environment. As well as enhancing the borough at a local level there are also health and well-being benefits (such as reducing social isolation and getting people active) that are derived from each of these projects.

Other indirect enhancements include increased community cohesion and a reduction in anti-social behaviour. The “It’s Your Neighbourhood” entries were awarded 9 Gold standard awards, 8 Silver Gilt and 5 Silver.

In Bloom Highlights 2023

2023 In Bloom Results

Burton upon Trent GOLD
Uttoxeter (category winner) GOLD
Winshill GOLD
Stapenhill Gardens GOLD
Bramshall Road Park GOLD
Mill Hill Lane GOLD
Stapenhill Cemetery GOLD
Uttoxeter Cemetery GOLD
Shobnall Playing Fields SILVER GILT
Anglesey Community Park SILVER GILT
Eton Community Park SILVER GILT
Pennycroft Community Park SILVER GILT
Newton Road Park GOLD
Oldfields Hall School GOLD
Branston Water Park SILVER
Unity Park SILVER
Go Garden Uttoxeter SILVER
Uttoxeter Train Station GOLD
Heath Road Community Garden GOLD
Uttoxeter Library  GOLD
Redferns Cottage SILVER GILT
Uttoxeter U3A Garden SILVER
Winshill Resource Centre GOLD
Winshill Wildlife Wood SILVER GILT
Globe Foundation SILVER GILT
Henhurst Ridge Academy SILVER
Brizlincote Residents SILVER
Elizabeth Court SILVER GILT
Sow & Grow Uttoxeter SILVER GILT
St Marys First School SILVER GILT
Riverside Miniature Railway SILVER GILT
Rangemore Playing Fields Garden SILVER GILT
Little Empire Road GOLD
Wyndham Wonders GOLD
Bradley House SILVER GILT
Uttoxeter Racecourse SILVER GILT
Winshill Allotments GOLD
Horninglow Community Park SILVER
Winshill Wildlife Garden GOLD

For further information about In Bloom telephone 01283 508575 or by email: