Open data

The Council wants to ensure that they publish open and transparent data which can be reused by local developers and citizens.

In addition to this commitment, the Department for Communities and Local Government published a revised Local Government Transparency Code on 1st April 2015. Local authorities are required to publish open data as specified in the Code. You will see below a list of the open data sets we currently provide. If you require data not listed in any of the data sets listed below, you may be able to access the information via a Freedom of Information Request.

For further information on the use of public sector information, please see the Government's Open Data Licence Open Data licence.

Spending and procurement information

Council Expenditure over £500 (CSV Files)
Contracts Register (CSV File)
Grants to Voluntary Community Sector 2011/12 (CSV File)
Grants to Voluntary Community Sector 2012/13 (CSV File)
Grants to Voluntary Community Sector 2013/14 (CSV File)
Grants to Voluntary Community Sector 2014/15 (CSV File)
Grants to Voluntary Community Sector 2015/16 (CSV File)
All Grant Data 2014/15(CSV File)
All Grant Data 2015/16(CSV File)
All Grant Data 2016/17(CSV File)

Payment Statistics

Financial Year The percentage of invoices paid within 30 days The amount of interest paid to suppliers due to late payment Total amount of liability to pay from April due to breach of Regulation 113
2015/16 96.3% £55.21 --
2016/17 96.3% £750.13 £3235.51

Organisation information

Senior Salaries (CSV File)
Councillor Expenses 2015/16 (CSV File)
Councillor Expenses 2014/15 (CSV File)
Councillor Expenses 2013/14 (CSV File)
Councillor Expenses 2012/13 (PDF Document)
Pay Policy Statement (PDF Document)
Organisation chart (CSV File) ¦ Organisation chart (PDF File)

Trade Union facilities

We no longer have any trade union branch operating at ESBC. Should a branch be re-formed then a new facilities agreement will be produced at that time.

Council pay ratio

The current pay levels within the Council define the multiple between the lowest paid (full time equivalent) employee and the Chief Executive as 1:8.81 and; between the lowest paid employee and average chief officer as 1:5.74.   The multiple between the median (average) full time equivalent earnings and the Chief Executive is 1:6.08 and; between the median (average) full time equivalent earnings and average chief officer is 1:3.96.

Land assets and parking information

Car Parks (KML File)
Asset Register (CSV File)
Car Park Account 2013/14 (PDF File)
Car Park Account 2014/15 (PDF File)
Car Park Account 2015/16 (PDF File)

Council and democracy

Wards (XML File)
2011 Local Election Results (RDFa)
Equality Data (CSV Files)
Council constitution

Council tax and business rates

NNDR new accounts
NNDR credits
NNDR General
Council tax credits


Fraud Prevention