Planning Application Number
P/2011/00546/CEH/PO & P/2011/00547/CEH/PO
Current S106 Agreement Status
Site address
Land at Burton Road, Ludgate Street Farm, Tutbury

This S106 Agreement is for a total of £1,626,758, which is broken down as follows:

A summary of the planning obligation in question is described below for each category, for example whether there are any spend requirements or deadlines.

Full information on the S106 agreement.

As of 31st March 2023, the status of these planning obligations is as follows:

Category Amount Expected Amount paid to ESBC Activity Update
Affordable Housing £100,000.00 £100,000.00 Partial spend on Housing Options work, no spend deadline for this sum
Open Spaces £527,500.00 £0 Sum is for ongoing maintenance of on-site open space provision. Payment is due following completion of works.
National Forest £0 £0 N/a
Sport & Leisure £0 £0 On-site provision
Waste £0 £0 N/a
Health £0 £0 N/a
Education £993,058.00 £993,058.00 Funding used for provision of educational facilities within the vicinity of the development
Highways £6,200.00 £6,200.00 Funding provided to SCC for a travel plan. On-site bus provision
Other £0 £0 N/a

Comments from S106 Monitoring Officer as of current update:

As of the date of this update (31st March 2023), most of the off-site financial obligations have been met with the exception of the Open Spaces contribution. This is due for payment within 4 weeks of practical completion of the on-site works.

For more information on this S106 agreement, please contact the Council at, quoting the planning reference number at the top of the page.