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Councillor Community Fund

In 2020-21 the Councillor Community Fund (CCF) will continue to operate as an open-bidding fund to support small community activities and projects in East Staffordshire.

Currently there are two strands of funding available through CCF:

  • Covid-19 community support CCF grant to support groups and organisations to provide assistance to communities with a maximum grant of £500.00 available
  • General CCF grants to support small local community projects with a maximum grant of £1,000.00 available.

Please read the guidance notes for the 2020-21 CCF scheme. If you have a project for which you need some funding then contact your local councillor and if it is suitable they will be able to submit an application on your behalf. The application will be considered at one of our regular panel meeting and your councillor will inform you if you have been successful.

Who is my local councillor?

Details of the projects that have received funding through the Councillor Community Fund in 2020-21 can be seen below.

Title Body Councillor Date Ward
Virtual children's activity group (Covid-19 community support)

A CCF grant was awarded to Loveinspire Foundation to enable the charity to provide activity packs for vulnerable children.

Councillor Helen Hall May 2020 Burton
Activity boxes (Covid-19 community support)

A CCF grant was awarded to Uttoxeter Heath Community Centre for the purchase of resources to create activity boxes for local children.

Councillor George Allen, Councillor Susan McGarry, Councillor Duncan Goodfellow, Councillor Chris Sylvester May 2020 Town & Heath
Food parcels (Covid-19 community support)

A CCF grant was awarded to the Burton upon Trent Salvation Army Corps to support the provision of food parcels for vulnerable residents.

Councillor Deneice Florence-Jukes May 2020 Eton Park
Winshill Together (Covid-19 community support)

A CCF grant was awarded to Winshill Neighbourhood Resource Centre to support the Winshill Together project.

Councillor Dennis Fletcher April 2020 Winshill
Cool boxes (Covid-19 community support)

A CCF grant was awarded for the purchase of 10 cool boxes to assist with food deliveries being coordinated by BACT for the East Staffordshire Hub.

Councillor Ali Chaudhry, Councillor Shelagh McKiernan, Councillor Ms Alison Legg, Councillor Raymond Faulkner, Councillor Mrs Julie Killoran, Councillor Michael Fitzpatrick, Councillor Helen Hall, Councillor Adam Clarke, Councillor Chris Sylvester, Councillor Graham Lamb April 2020 All Wards
Food bank (Covid-19 community support)

A CCF grant was awarded to Burton Hope to assist with the provision of food bank services during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Councillor Deneice Florence-Jukes April 2020 Horninglow