We currently have a wide variety of permanent shop units available to rent from just £94.36 per week as well as casual pop-up stalls available for just £14 a day!

Please view our Hire Brochure below or fill in the contact form for a detailed pack.


Permanent shop units are situated around the outside of the Market Hall as well as on the balcony and can be used by several types of retailer including food and beverage. They vary is size and appearance and are available on annual lease terms of 1, 3, 5 or 7 years, so you can decide what's best for you.

Pop-up Stalls

Pop-up stalls are available on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays on a daily hire basis - these are currently priced at £14 per day and are located within the middle of the Market Hall. They have a floor size of 129 sq ft per unit so are great if you're just starting out and need to test-drive your ideas.

For more information about these units, please visit the pop-ups page.

Unit Availability

Type Shop unit Status Area Sq Ft
Retail 2 Available now! 194
Retail 3 Available now! 194
Retail 7 Available now! 157
Retail 9 Available now! 157
Retail 13 Available now! 157
Food Retail 14 Available now! 157
Food Retail 15 Available now! 194
Food Retail 17 Available now! 323
Retail 21 Available Now! 280
Retail 22 Available Now! 121
Retail 24 Available now! 307
Retail 25 Available now! 108
Food Retail R1 Available now! 581
Food Retail R2 Available Now! 318
Food Retail R3 Available now! 581