What is a local land charge search?

A Local Land Charge (LLC) Search is an important part of the Conveyancing Process when purchasing a property.

A Local Authority search gives the solicitor, on behalf of the home mover, vital information on the property or land prior completion. This information includes charges for services such as roads, restrictions such as tree preservation orders and conditions imposed on planning permissions, conservation areas, legal agreements and listed buildings.

Request a search

East Staffordshire Borough Council’s local land charge service will provide a fast, efficient and reliable service. All data provided via a local authority search is fully guaranteed even after point of sale.

You can send your search request by downloading the search request document, complete and return by email to locallandcharges@eaststaffsbc.gov.uk, or post to Local Land Charges, East Staffordshire Borough Council, PO Box 8045, DE14 9JG.

You can make payment in several ways:

Please ensure you inform us how you intend to make payment, otherwise this will delay the request being processed.

  • Monthly Account:  you can open a monthly account by supplying us with the relevant information on the Search Request Form. You will then receive an invoice at the beginning of each month. Please note that any non payment of fees within the terms of the invoice will result in no further work being carried out, until the account is settled in full.
  • Cheque: make cheques payable to ‘East Staffordshire Borough Council’ and submit directly to us by post together with your search request form.
  • Card: to make a card payment telephone 01283 508738 between 9.00am -12.00noon.
  • BACS: details how to pay via BACS are provided in the search request document.
  • Cash is not accepted.

The search

The search is in three parts:

Part One: LLC1 form

An LLC1 search, reveals registrations held on the LLC register. This register deals with all charges enforceable against the property or land. The current fee for a Local Authority Residential LLC1 Search is £33.30 (VAT not applicable).

Part Two: Con 29 form

This section will inform home movers for example, of any planning application and building regulations on the property or land, planning designations and proposals, if the roadway is maintained at public expense, any nearby road or traffic schemes, any decisions to compulsory purchase or acquire the property, does the property fall within contaminated or radon gas areas. The current fee for a Local Authority Residential Con 29R Search is £65.16 (VAT included).

The current fee for a Local Authority full Residential Search (LLC1 & Con29) is £113.22 (includes VAT on Con29 element of search only).

Part Three: Con 29O (Optional) form
This section is made up of the following 19 individual optional enquiries. The current fee for each Local Authority Con 29O question is £22.56 (VAT included).

For more information please see the document "How to Access Data"