The Council employs a number of apprentices, and is committed to supporting people in the early stages of their careers.  Apprentices work in a variety of roles and teams across the Council.  Each apprentice is supported by the Council to achieve their qualifications, develop their skills and knowledge and gain excellent experience in the workplace.  Apprenticeship vacancies with the Council are advertised on the WMjobs website. 

Aksar, apprentice in the Elections Team:

I’m so glad I started doing an apprenticeship at the Council, as I have gained a huge number of skills. Thanks to my manager and colleagues I have experienced so much and feel like there is still so much more to see and achieve.

Shelby, apprentice in the HR and Payments Team:

I found that after leaving college I really struggled to find somewhere to work as everywhere I looked were asking for experience, which I didn’t have. The moment I started looking for apprenticeships I found that doors were opening for me and the ability to train in a qualification whilst at work was a huge bonus. In my time working at East Staffordshire Borough Council I have found that they are very willing to help someone progress in their career from the beginning, everyone is kind and helpful if I get stuck (both in my role and qualification). I would highly recommend it to anybody thinking about applying for an apprenticeship here as it is a great starting point for the future, getting a qualification under your belt and working with people who can offer both knowledge and experience along the way. I’m very grateful that they chose me.