Housing strategy

The Council has strategic housing responsibility for East Staffordshire.

The current Housing Strategy for East Staffordshire covers the period 2015-2020.  The main areas of action are:-

  • Preventing Homelessness (also see the Council's Homelessness Strategy 2013-2018 written following the Homelessness Review in the Borough in 2013)
  • Affordable Housing
  • Improving the availability of housing
  • Keeping down the number of empty homes
  • Tackling sub-standard housing

Affordable Housing

What is Affordable Housing?

Affordable housing is housing that is rented or sold at below market-rates. It comes in various forms:

  • Social rented accommodation - where the landlord is a Housing Association.
  • Shared-ownership - where you buy a percentage of a property and pay rent on the remainder.
  • Shared-equity - where you buy a percentage of a property with a mortgage and the rest of the property with a discounted loan.

If you are looking for affordable housing please see finding somewhere to live.

For more details call 01283 508149 or email housingstrategy@eaststaffsbc.gov.uk