If you are single then the most affordable option, may be to rent a room.

Advantages of renting a room

Advantages of renting a room may include:

  • most likely to be affordable
  • the room is normally furnished so you do not have to buy furniture
  • the facilities in the house are available to you
  • bills are normally included so budgeting is easier
  • less lonely because you are not on your own
  • it can be fun sharing with other people

Arrangements for renting a room

There are two main arrangements when renting a room:

  • sharing with the owner or tenant of the home - often called lodging. Likely to be decent quality accommodation because the landlord¬†lives there as well. Does not normally include meals, although sometimes this might be on offer.
  • renting a room in a shared home with other renters, where the landlord lives somewhere else. These homes are called houses in multiple occupation. It will be important to get along with the other occupants.

Where to look for a room

There are many specialist national websites where rooms in shared housing are advertised; do an Internet search to find them and see what they are advertising in our local area.

Be aware that on some sites rooms in East Staffordshire may be listed under Derby.

Rooms are sometimes also advertised on mainstream property Websites and on general "for sale" Websites.

You can try:

  • Local papers e.g. Burton Mail
  • Local shop windows
  • Supermarket notice boards
  • College notice boards
  • Friends, relatives, colleagues

Things to be aware of when renting a room

  • You are more likely to be offered a room if you are working.
  • As with all renting you must keep paying the rent. If you do not pay the rent you will lose your home.
  • If you are sharing with the landlord they can require you to leave at any time by giving reasonable notice, so make sure they enjoy having you as a lodger.