All local authorities are required to have a Constitution in place as defined in section 37 of the Local Government Act 2000.

The Constitution is split into six parts which cover the key Council functions and how it is governed:

  • Part 1 – Summary and Explanation
  • Part 2 – Articles
  • Part 3 – Responsibility for Functions
  • Part 4 – Procedures
  • Part 5 – Codes of Conduct
  • Part 6 – Members’ Allowances Scheme
  • Part 7 – Record of Amendments

It details the terms of reference and procedures rules for full Council, Cabinet and Committees, as well as the Council’s finance and contract procedures, codes and protocols for Officers and Members and the Members’ Allowances Scheme.

The Council’s Monitoring Officer has responsibility for maintaining the Constitution to ensure that is up to date and can be easily accessed by members, officers and the general public.

Each individual section of the Constitution can be viewed by using the links below.