Meet the team

The Community and Civil Enforcement (CCE) Team are the eyes and ears of the Council. 

Our role at the Council is to make communities safer, cleaner, and greener places for all to enjoy. 

To achieve this we work directly with communities to deal with issues such as dog fouling and littering to name a few.

Here we have listed some of the activities our Community and Civil Enforcement Officers get up to:

  • CCE Officers patrol on a daily basis to both proactively and reactively deal with community issues.
  • CCE Officers are authorised to enforce legislation through the issuance of Fixed Penalty Notices.
  • CCE Officers work with numerous partner agencies to conduct joint initiatives, which target specific issues in certain areas of the Borough.
  • CCE Officers work with local schools to educate children on the impact of Dog Fouling and Littering in their community.
  • CCE Officers educate and enforce off street parking issues in East Staffordshire. They are authorised to issue Penalty Charge Notices to vehicles parked illegally but only on council owned car parks.
  • If Community and Civil Enforcement Officers themselves are unable to help, they will point you in the direction of someone who can.

Can Community and Civil Enforcement Officers ask to see my dog bags

Yes. A suitable receptacle is defined as any poop-scoop bag or the equivalent capable of holding faeces for disposal in a litter bin. If you are unable to produce a suitable receptacle when requested by a Community and Civil Enforcement Officer, or similarly choose not to, you will be subject to a Fixed Penalty Notice. If left unpaid this will be escalated to the Magistrates Court.

What legislation applies?

Under Section 68 of the Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014, East Staffordshire Borough Council has implemented a borough wide Public Space Protection Order. As a person who is in charge of a dog, this requires you to carry a suitable receptacle for picking up dog faeces.

Community and Civil Enforcement Team Contact

Community and Civil Enforcement Team contact information

  • 01283 508856