External auditors

Contacting the Council’s External Auditor

As well as having an internal audit service, the Council has independently appointed external auditors. Their main functions are to audit the annual Statement of Accounts and to provide an opinion on value for money. The key findings arising from their work are set out within their Annual Letter, which provides a commentary on the results of their work and highlights any issues that they wish to draw to the attention of the public, in accordance with the relevant requirements.

If you want to question or challenge the Council’s Accounts, the external auditor may be able to help you. Details are published each year of the period during which any interested person may inspect and make copies of the accounts. There is then an appointed day when you or your representative can arrange to question and make objections to the auditor.

The external auditor can be contacted at:

Grant Thornton
UK LLP Colmore Plaza
20 Colmore Circus
West Midlands
B4 6AT
Tel. 0121 212 4000
Fax 0121 2124014

Please note that no objection may be made unless the auditor has received written notice of the proposed objection and its grounds. A copy of that notice must also be sent to the Council addressed to: Chief Finance Officer, East Staffordshire Borough Council, The Maltsters, Wetmore Road, Burton upon Trent, DE14 1LS.

For more information contact us on:

Tel: 01283 508399

Audit letters

Annual Audit Letter - 2012-13

Annual Audit Letter - 2013-14

Annual Audit Letter - 2014-15

Annual Audit Letter - 2015-16

Annual Audit Letter - 2016-17