Budget Consultation 2019-20 Onwards

To have money to spend on services each year the Council has to tax residents or increase fees for the services it provides.  If it decides to spend more on a service, or group of services, it may have to increase the amount it takes from people in tax or charge more to service users.  

Sometimes the Council must also increase tax even if it does not spend more, due to external pressures such as the significant reduction in core cash from Central Government - there has been a 74 per cent reduction to the Borough Council from core Government cash between 2010 and 2018, which represents a reduction of £6.1m.

We would be grateful if you would respond to the following questions, which will provide valuable feedback to inform our future spending plans and ensure that we continue to provide services that are value for money to residents.

Please note that East Staffordshire Borough Council is not responsible for the following services:

  • Pot holes
  • Policing
  • Hospitals
  • The NHS
  • Social Care
  • Highways
  • Schools or academies

Please consider this when answering the questions.

The survey is now closed.