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Tutbury Community Grant Scheme

The monies for the Tutbury Community Grant Scheme have derived from a recent housing development within the local area of Tutbury and is called a Section 106 Agreement (S106).  East Staffordshire Borough Council has received this money and formed a Community Grant Scheme.

The aim of the Community Grant Scheme is to benefit community based projects within a 2 mile radius of Tutbury and applications can be made from Monday 2nd November 2020.  

The grant can be used by local community and voluntary groups looking to fund a local project.  This money can make a real difference to your area.  It can support new and existing schemes. 

To access the monies you must submit an application form to East Staffordshire Borough Council which will be assessed and evaluated. 

The money available is limited to £250,000.00 and once this has been spent the scheme will cease to exist. 

What type of projects can the grant be used for?

The specific requirement of how the money can be spent stipulates that it must be a community based project.  This means the money can be spent on a wide variety of different types of projects.  However, you need to ensure your project is:

  • community based;
  • benefits the community;
  • and importantly within a 2 mile radius from the centre of Tutbury. 

What types of projects cannot be funded through the scheme?

Any applications which are not:

  • community based;
  • beneficial to the Tutbury community;
  • and / or within a 2 mile radius of Tutbury will not be accepted. 

This money has derived out of a development scheme within the Tutbury Parish and in spirit of the S106 the applicant needs to demonstrate how their bid will benefit the Tutbury community.

How can we access the scheme?

East Staffordshire Borough Council will publicise the scheme via the following methods:

  • Tutbury Parish Council;
  • Social Media;
  • Website.

Please read the guidance notes and assessment framework and submit an application form. The scheme opened Monday 2nd November 2020.  The current application closure date is currently under review and will be published soon.  Please ask any questions and submit your applications.

Once an application form is submitted to East Staffordshire Borough Council an officer will review the form to ensure that the application is complete,  that all relevant documentation has been included and that it meets the criteria and is eligible for this funding.  If there are any queries or issues with the application an officer will contact you.

Any queries or questions on this process please email S106@eaststaffsbc.gov.uk.

Tutbury Community Grant Scheme Application

Submit an application form

Please read the guidance notes and assessment framework before submitting.