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Tatenhill and Rangemore conservation area boundary amendments

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East Staffordshire Borough Council has resolved to amend the conservation area boundaries for Tatenhill and Rangemore Conservation Areas. This has been the result of the preparation of the Tatenhill Neighbourhood Plan as well as part of the Borough Council’s statutory duty to review the Borough’s Conservation Areas.

This follows public consultation on the conservation area appraisals that was undertaken in 2013 and the proposed new boundaries between May and June of this year. Responses to the public consultation and the Council’s response can be found below.

The new conservation area boundaries cover a greater area affording protection to more historic buildings trees as well as the overall distinct landscape and setting of both villages.

The boundary amendments therefore serves both the Borough Council and Tatenhill Parish Council’s aim of conserving the historic environment and the policies contained in the Borough Council’s emerging Local Plan and Tatenhill Parish Council’s Neighbourhood Plan where both plans are to be examined by the end of this year.

Tatenhill Conservation Area Boundary

Rangemore Conservation Area Boundary

Representations Received and Council Response