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Changes to the recycling service

Following the expiry of its previous contract in March 2022, the Council has entered into a new contract for the processing of its dry recycling material with Suez Resource & Recovery Ltd. Under the terms of this contract, the Council pays Suez to process the material by separating it out into the different material streams and the Council then receives a rebate for the material which is based on the quantity and, importantly, its quality. 

We need to raise the quality of recyclable material which is why we are making this change whereby the paper and cardboard is collected separately to the glass, cans and plastics.

In recent years, the recycling market has changed. Companies in the UK and abroad who buy recycling waste are demanding higher quality materials. Keeping paper and cardboard separate from other materials has been shown to improve quality and it reduces our processing costs to the taxpayer. This helps your Council to deliver a more cost efficient service as a higher quality of material means more waste can be recycled, rather than being incinerated or sent to landfill.

Residents are already familiar with the system of separating their paper and presenting it in the blue bag so rather than supplying an additional wheelie bin, Councillors chose to keep the blue bag system which you can now use to recycle cardboard as well as paper. 

We’ve seen this work really well in other local areas too. Across the County of Staffordshire, both Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough Council and Stafford Borough Council successfully operate this type of service.  Stafford has seen their recycling contamination rates reduce as a result meaning fewer loads of recycling are rejected, thus generating more money for the Council to use on other services.

The new blue bag will be bigger so as to fit more material in but the collection teams will still be happy to collect empty cardboard boxes placed next to the blue bin.

Glass bottles, steel and aluminium cans, tins and foil, plastic tubs, plastic bottles and empty aerosol/deodorant cans should continue to be placed in your blue bin. These should be clean and placed in loosely (not in plastic bags).

You can find out more by going to our dedicated page.