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A walk with our Community and Civil Enforcement Team

Earlier this week I joined officers from the Council’s Community and Civil Enforcement team for a walk around Uttoxeter to see what they get up to.

The Council CCEOs patrol the borough and are able to issue penalty notices for dog fouling offences, parking offences and they investigate things like fly-tipping and other environmental offences.

I learnt more about the dog foul receptacle by-law which requires dog walkers to produce three dog foul bags on request from our officers to reduce the likelihood of dog owners not having a bag when their dog fouls. It was also interesting listening to how much effort and time goes into looking through items of fly tipping to try and find evidence which could be used to track offenders down.

I was really impressed with their professionalism and dedication to their job and I’ll be looking to assist their work in the Borough.

Councillor George Allen
Leader of the Council