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DadMan: the Bathtime Warrior

After the success of Wonderwoman: The Naked Truth, which explored modern motherhood, Notnow Collective will visit Burton upon Trent with their brand new show, DadMan: the Bathtime Warrior.

Mixing quiz, fantasy, live music and original songs, DadMan: the Bathtime Warrior is an entirely baby-friendly, baby-welcoming and baby-proof show, geared at adults.

DadMan is a warrior in the face of fatherhood. He is responsible for the smooth delivery of an ideal birth plan. He courageously navigates the precipices of the school run. He competes to be awarded the title of Breadwinner, armed with his trusty Lego set.

Despite successfully running the gauntlet of trust, breasts, flexi–hours and soft play areas, DadMan hasn’t anticipated an even bigger mountain waiting to be climbed.

To delve into the experience of fatherhood, Notnow Collective asked various artist/fathers to respond to their own experience of parenthood. The company also teamed up with two father/performers in bringing the show to life.

Audiences can catch the show at the Brewhouse Arts Centre on Thursday 31st January at 1:00pm and 7:00pm.

For tickets call 01283 508100 or book online at www.brewhouse.co.uk

2019-01-10 00:00:00