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Uttoxeter Heath Parish results

Coronavirus: Elections

The Police and Crime Commissioner Elections due to take place on Thursday 7th May 2020 has been postponed until Thursday 6th May 2021.

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Candidate's Name Description (if any) Votes Elected?
George Andrew Allen The Conservative Party 1492 Yes
Martin Keith Blencowe Labour Party 959 Yes
Ryan Dyche   547  
Esther Grace Horner-Aird Labour Party 815 Yes
Martyn James Keates   447  
Alan Noyes Labour Party 809 Yes
Lynne Shelton Conservative Party 1396 Yes
David John Trenery Labour Party 830 Yes
Margaret Alison Trenery Labour Party 830 Yes
Colette Ann Wain Labour Party 856 Yes

Duly Elected:

George Andrew Allen
Martin Keith Blencowe
Esther Grace Horner-Aird
Alan Noyes
Lynne Shelton
David John Trenery
Margaret Alison Trenery
Colette Ann Wain