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How do I get addresses for new properties?

If you are a developer building a new property, a small development or redeveloping an existing property into multiple units or flats you should contact us before, or as soon as possible after, you commence work on site to arrange for the allocation of addresses. The address is usually required by the service providers, gas, water etc. before they will connect their service to the property.

You should submit a plan of the development showing each individual unit or property and the access to each.

If the property or site is on a road where the properties are already numbered the development will be allocated numbers within the existing numbering scheme of the road. This may necessitate using suffixes such as 12a, 12b, 12c... but we will endeavour to avoid this if at all possible.

You will be advised of the decision and the allocated addresses. These addresses will be passed to the public utility service providers, emergency services, Land Registry, Ordnance Survey and the council's service departments.

Where appropriate you will be required to provide and erect street nameplates to the council's standards before the new properties are occupied. The council can undertake this on your behalf. The cost for this will be provided on request.