Cultural Services Alternative Delivery Options Project

Alternative Delivery Options Project - Frequently Asked Questions

East Staffordshire Borough Council has announced that it will move forward and develop a procurement strategy to test the market for alternative delivery solutions for its Cultural Services.

In August 2016, East Staffordshire Borough Council appointed Max Associates to carry out an options appraisal on its Cultural Services. The services appraised included Meadowside, Uttoxeter and Shobnall Leisure Centres, the Brewhouse and Arts teams, the Civic Function Suite and Burton Market Hall. The key objective of the appraisal was to investigate, analyse and advise on the options open to the Council in relation to the management and operation of its leisure and cultural services going forward. The outcomes and recommendations from this appraisal were considered by the Council’s Cabinet on 13th February 2017 where elected Members agreed that the Council will move forward to develop a procurement strategy to test the market for alternative delivery solutions for these services.

The information below provides details relating to a number of frequently asked questions regarding this process:

What are the expected benefits from this process?

East Staffordshire Borough Council intends to adopt this approach in order to increase operational efficiency, improve customer service and build on existing success within our Cultural Services portfolio. In addition, the Council will be able to explore the opportunities for improving the financial position of the service.

Which facilities are affected?

The procurement process is being undertaken in three separate packages. The three Leisure Centres (Meadowside, Uttoxeter and Shobnall) and the Sports Development service are being tendered as one package, simultaneously alongside a separate package consisting of the Brewhouse Arts Centre, the Arts Development service and the Civic Function Suite. The Burton Market Hall and Markets Function was tendered under a separate process, however the Council was unable to secure a suitable contractor so the procurement for the Market element of this project has now concluded.

How long will this process take?

Overall it is anticipated that this work will take in the region of eighteen months to complete and implement. If approved following the tendering process, the alternative delivery models for the Leisure and Arts facilities are expected to go live by December 2018.

Will prices be affected?

The incoming contractor(s) will have control over the pricing for the services being delivered from these facilities. However the Council has protected its pricing concessions and Leisure Pass rates, and will be evaluating the contractor's approach to pricing as part of the tendering process to ensure that pricing structures are reasonable.

If you have any further questions relating to this project please submit them to the Project Team.