Shopmobility FAQ

Do I need to bring any ID with me?

Without proof of ID, membership will not be issued and equipment cannot be hired out.

How do I use shopmobility?

Before you can use the equipment you will first need to become a member. There is no charge for membership but we will need to see two proofs of identification which show your name and address e.g. driving license and utility bill. For insurance purposes membership is updated annually from 1st April.

How long may I hire the equipment for?

Hire of the equipment is from 9.00am onwards the latest time equipment may be hired is onehour prior to closing and all equipment should be returned 15 minutes before closing time. There is a fine of £5.00 for late returns. Clients are strongly advised to pre-book equipment to ensure that a suitable vehicle is available. Please also check that the service is available during poor weather e.g. heavy snow.

How much does it cost?

Main hiring prices are on the shopmobility homepage but its £1.50 during opening hours.

I would like to hire the equipment for longer, what do I do?

In addition to the daily hire service Burton Shopmobility also operates another service whereby clients can hire equipment for longer periods of time . This scheme is known as the Shopmobility Extended Loan Scheme or Sh.els for short. Equipment in this scheme is smaller and lighter than the daily hire equipment and will fit more easily into the boot of a car. This scheme is especially useful for clients wishing to hire equipment for weekends, holidays or for people with long term mobility problems such as a broken leg etc . We also have other equipment for hire in the Sh.els scheme such as Portable Commodes, Zimmer Frames and Glider Chairs Please ask for more details.

What are your opening hours?

Tuesday - Friday: 09:00am - 14:30pm
Saturday: 09:00am - 13:00pm

Who can use shopmobility?

Anyone who has a permanent or temporary mobility impairment. You do not have to be a blue badge holder.

Will I be safe using the equipment?

When you hire Shopmobility equipment you will be given instruction in how to use it. Most mobility aids are simple but staff will not let you go out unless they and you are confident in your ability to manage the equipment safely.