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Regulation 16 Consultation

Under Regulation 15 of the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012, Shobnall Parish Council has submitted its draft Neighbourhood Development Plan (Neighbourhood Plan) to East Staffordshire Borough Council.  In accordance with Regulation 16, the Borough Council would like to invite comments from organisations and individuals on the submitted Neighbourhood Plan.  The consultation period lasts 6 weeks and runs from Wednesday 23rd August to Wednesday 4th October 2017 at 5pm.

The Neighbourhood Plan, written by a group made up of members from the community and from Shobnall Parish Council, proposes a number of policies on transport and Local Green Spaces, amongst others.   

The Neighbourhood Development Plan submission is split into the following documents:

It is the responsibility of the Borough Council to collate all the representations and pass them on to an independent examiner, who will look at them and the Plan documents when assessing whether the plan meets the legislation and can therefore proceed to referendum.

Hard copies of the plan can be found at:

  • Customer service Centre, Burton Market Place
  • Burton Library
  • Burton Town Hall
  • Burton Albion Community Trust, Grange Youth and Community Centre, Grange Street, DE14 2ER

Comments can be made by filling in the representation form and emailing it to the Neighbourhood Planning Team:

Or sending it by post to: Neighbourhood Planning, Planning Policy, East Staffordshire Borough Council, PO Box 8045, Burton upon Trent, DE14 9LG

If you wish to be notified of the Council’s decision on the plan proposal then please state this in your representation.

Regulation 14 (draft plan) consultation

Shobnall Parish Council have drafted their Neighbourhood Plan and are now asking businesses and residents in the Parish for their thoughts on the document.  The consultation period runs from 15th February until 28th March 2016 and all comments should be forwarded to the Neighbourhood Planning group:


Shobnall Parish Council’s application to the Borough Council for the Parish to be designated as a neighbourhood area was approved on 12th March 2015 following a 6 week consultation period. This now paves the way for Shobnall to begin preparing their Neighbourhood Plan in earnest.

Why the need to ‘designate’ the Parish as a Neighbourhood Area?

The Regulations governing the preparation of NPs state that all letters received for designation need to be advertised, so that the intention to prepare an NP is brought to the attention of local residents, employees and businesses. In addition, anyone can comment on this intention, during a six week period that was held between Wednesday 28th January to Wednesday 11th March 2015.

Shobnall Parish Council’s Request letter

Shobnall Parish was designated a neighbourhood area for the purposes of preparing a neighbourhood plan on 12th March 2015.