Structural Survey

Structural Survey

When is it required?

Applications where conversion of buildings is proposed (on a case by case basis).

Applications where the demolition of a listed building or structure is proposed.

Applications where felling of a protected tree is proposed due to impact on adjoining buildings or structures.

What is this?

The survey should be carried out by a qualified structural surveyor and include full details of the structural integrity of all elements of the building to be converted and outline any repairs or demolition works necessary to facilitate the conversion.

Surveys supporting proposals to fell a protected tree should provide evidence of how the tree has affected the nearby structure and what remedial action has been considered in concluding that the tree should be removed.

Why is this required?

National Planning Policy Framework

Supplementary Planning Document – Re-use of Redundant Buildings 2010

TPO Regulations and Best Practice Guide

BS 5837: Trees in relation to construction

Further Advice

Further details can be found in the Supplementary Planning Document – Re-use of Redundant Buildings.