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What information do I need to supply?

Please note the Local Plan 2012-2031 was adopted on 15th October 2015 and changes to local validation criteria are due to be consulted on early in 2016. Therefore upon validation there may be additional requirements to those currently listed. Of particular importance is the change in affordable housing policy where affordable housing is now required on proposals of more than 4 dwellings.’

Please refer to the local and national validation documents to ensure you supply all the relevant information required to make your application a valid one.

Cannock Chase Conservation Area 8km Buffer Area

Statement of agricultural need form

As a minimum, the majority of applications will require the following:

  • application forms
  • a fee
  • location plan and in most cases a block plan
  • existing and proposed floor plans (where applicable)
  • existing and proposed elevations (where applicable)
  • this notice is to be printed and served on individuals if certificate B or C is completed on your application form.
  • this notice is to be printed and publicised in a local paper if certificate C or D is completed on your application form.

Ordnance survey extracts – As part of most applications you will need to submit a location plan and block plan.

You can locate them using the planning portal (or other online sites), or alternatively you can collect and pay for them at one of our Customer Service Centres in the Market Place, High Street, Burton upon Trent; or the Library in Uttoxeter. You can also order them over the telephone by calling (01283) 508606.

Access the form and price list.